Our Quality is "Carefully checked and tested "
we place great emphasis on the highest standards of quality and freshness!

Different packaging options ensure that your fruit and vegetables arrive fresh and at their very best.

Appropriate fruit packaging such as plastic trays, carrier bags or nets guarantee shelf life and product safety.

We can package your goods in cardboard, wood or reusable packaging according to your wishes. Ask about the different options that are available. We will be pleased to advise you!

Our entire range at a glance.

The Luis Egger Fruit & Logisitic GmbH Fruit Wholesale Agency from Lana near Merano specialises in the procurement of a huge range of fruit and vegetable varieties. The South Tyrol based company organises the transport of high quality fruit and vegetables throughout Europe. Its entire product range is also available in organic form. To ensure that the goods are delivered safely and fresh to the end customer, the company offers a variety of different packaging types. Quality and freshness are of the utmost importance when supplying fruit and vegetables. A well thought-out logistics system guarantees on-time, problem-free deliveries. Luis Egger Fruit & Logisitic GmbH Fruit Wholesale Agency - your contact for high quality fruit and vegetables since 1970!

Luis Egger Fruit & Logisitic GmbH - Gampenstraße 6 - 39011 Lana Italy
T +39 0473 562 152 - F +39 0473 562 976 - E office@egger-lana.com - VAT IT 0221640212